What does a Public Relations professional do? Basically, they assist clients with communications with their publics and potential publics. In today’s technological world what is the most important communication tool a business or individual entrepreneur needs? If you guessed social media you would be correct. But which platform, how often to post, what should I include in a post? Honestly, it can be confusing and getting set up on each platform and posting can quickly become overwhelming. If only there were tools that could help you organize all of this craziness. The good news, there are! The bad news, they can cost a lot! After having had experience with Hootsuite, and research I’ve done on some other social media tools, I found one that is reasonably priced with some great features to help with your client’s social media needs and your own. It’s Social Champ. And before I continue, to be transparent, I have received no incentive in any form from Social Champ. This is my honest opinion.


Social Champ is not free. But they do offer a 7-day trial using all of the features included in the $29.00 per month plan. In fact, this plan includes all of the features offered in the more expensive plans. I’ll be considering the $10.00 per month plan when my trial ends. It only misses out on some of the other plan features, and for the money, it’s a steal at $10.00 per month! The biggest difference in each plan (besides those not included in the least expensive) is the number of social media profiles you can connect and the number of posts you can schedule each month. And for 10 bucks a month you get 15 profiles and a whopping 300 posts per profile each month! That’s more than enough for someone just getting started with building a client list or starting an agency.


 The Social Champ Professional Plan ($10) comes with an impressive list of features that some of the other apps only include in their top tier groups. One really cool feature is link shortening and tracking with Bitly integration. So no more signing into Bitly, creating the shortened link, copying it, and going back to the social media tool. Of course, you obviously can schedule your posts for all platforms well in advance. What good would a social media tool be if you couldn’t do that? After creating a post, you can even schedule it to repeat on your desired schedule (very handy for Twitter). Another fantastic feature is the website RSS integration. With Social Champ, it’s possible to have your favorite RSS feeds in the very place you schedule your posts, so it’s as simple as clicking post! The only downside to the $10 plan is that you can’t schedule auto-posting directly from a feed. You need the $29 or higher plans. But it’s almost worth the extra money to have constant, always fresh content going to your news feeds without even trying. There’s even a handy Chrome extension that allows you to post directly from your browser.

Computer vs Mobile

Using Social Champ on your computer or laptop is the best way to use it. It’s a very simple set up with no fancy coding or futuristic looking GUI. It’s rather plain, and that’s fine by me. Sometimes all of that fancy stuff gets in the way and can be confusing to look at and learning to use it efficiently. That’s one of the things I love about Social Champ. One drawback though, is there is no calendar grid, or at least that I could find one to turn it on. However, when you go to the queue section for each platform, they are listed in order from the next scheduled post on, and you can edit from that page as well.

The web-based interface from a laptop.

The mobile app does leave a little to be desired. It is very bleak and plain. I know, I said I like that above, but you can’t do everything on the app that you can on the computer. Yes, a lot of apps are like that. But all you can really do is create a post and post it to all of the platforms, or you can schedule a post. But you can’t set it to repeat. In order to do that you have to sign on to the website interface. And you can’t monitor the RSS feeds from the mobile app. But that is no deal-breaker for me!


I worked for an agency for a couple of years and they used Hootsuite and I got used to all its bells and whistles. But launching out on my own, I don’t have the capital for those kinds of things. I’ve got to go with a budget. But I’m one of those guys that will shop around for the best deal I can get. And it’s got to be a deal! The features you get for $10 per month are astounding and the number of profiles and posts per profile per month far outshines Social Champ’s competitors. Even the $29 per month plan is a phenomenal deal.

So, to schedule tons of posts each month for yourself and your clients, Social Champ is definitely worth checking out!

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