About Me

Michael L. Ricketson is a screenwriter of drama with a personal focus on LGBTQ+ storylines and social issues such as homelessness, hunger, and mental health. His introspective, realistic, and savagely raw look at life may be cringeworthy but never gratuitous.

While Michael is committed to screenplays, his writing includes short stories and maybe a novel on the horizon. Growing up, he always had a book in his hands. His love of both screenwriting and prose comes from his fascination with getting lost in a good story, and the ability to transport somewhere else in time, space, and reality.

Michael has worked for several agencies as a Social Media Manager and Writer. He has published numerous articles on different subjects in a freelance capacity and has written ad copy for clients.

Michael’s commitment to telling stories with realness and depth stems from his desire to bring from the shadows all of those who love and live differently and welcome everyone to the table.

Michael lives in Gravois Mills, Missouri.

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