Human beings are driven by story. From the beginning, we communicated through story and that has never changed.


My name is Michael Ricketson, and when I was a kid, I read a lot. It wasn’t until seventh grade when my English teacher returned a short story to me claiming that I had copied it, that I learned I loved to tell stories (and I was pretty good at it). From that point on I wanted to create stories that move the emotions of others.


But it would be several decades before I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. I endured years of restaurant management and other forms of customer service. It seemed every time I wanted to go back to college something would happen to prevent it. Once it was a District Manager that said it would be impossible to work around a school schedule. You see, I was a General Manager. I didn’t stay at that job very long. Now with my bachelor’s under my belt, I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in Public Relations.


I’ve experienced deep and personal loss as well as blissful happiness. These are the things that create our stories. Even the banality of daily existence contributes to our story. These are some of the things I examine in my personal writing. Exploring human emotions and motivations is what drives my writing in both personal and professional arenas.


Those life experiences, along with my education and the ever-changing technology landscape, has led me to a career of helping others tell their stories. While I still love writing creatively for myself, it is so very rewarding to know that I can help individuals and companies tell their stories in creative and engaging ways. Let’s face it, we live in a digital world and how we communicate with each other has dramatically changed over the years. People are glued to their devices at all hours of the day and night as well as in just about any location around the planet. How you reach those people is the difference between relevancy or obscurity. Engaging content is king.


Whether I’m writing meta-descriptions for webpages, product descriptions that make customers want to buy or crafting social media posts that get likes and shares, I’m always in learning mode. What works, what doesn’t, and most importantly what sells is at the core of creating engaging content for a digital age.


It’s what I do. It’s what I love. And that’s what matters.