The following are a glimpse into the worlds I explore in my writing. Life and death and how we deal with the seen and unseen world is what drives me.


The Fifth Step - Short Fiction - Horror - 3171 words

Struggling to come to terms with his past, Caleb and his pastor travel to his childhood home where they both must confront the demons of the past.

Of Love and Conception - Flash Fiction - Sci-Fi - 1005 words

Centuries after humanity is forever changed by a genetic accident, Freya and Sven struggle to conceive a child under the strict rules of the Conception Foundation.

Umbilical - Flash Fiction - Horror - 934 words

8-year-old Ricky has special abilities. During an out of body experience, Ricky learns he must team up with his dead grandmother to protect humans from life-draining spirits.


The Big Bang Theory - Spec Script - Comedy - 21 pages

This is a spec script for the first act of a Big Bang Theory episode.

The Nurse and the Hummingbird - Script - Drama - 7 pages

A dying patient and former nurse makes Cynthia reevaluate her decision to end her own nursing career.

Shadows of the Glass - Script - Horror - 7 pages

Confident he is being contacted by his recently deceased mother, Andy plans a desperate attempt to reach her that involves a possible alien abduction.

Singularity - Script - Science Fiction - 23 pages

Fred, an experimental android, is placed in the Phelps’ home for trials. But when his emotions develop exponentially, he contemplates suicide to relieve his fears.